Gazing balls, glass balls and globes

Gazing balls, glass balls and globes, were first hand-blown in Venice, Italy in the 13th century. They first became popular items for European gardens when King Ludwig II of Bavaria filled his palace yard with the gazing balls. Although originally seen mostly in formal gardens, these garden ornaments have also been associated with a more modernistic garden décor. The glass and solar gazing balls that Mondus offers in its collection are among the most beautiful to be found on the market. Our collection comes in everything from solid colour glass balls to exquisitely patterned blown glass balls in a variety of brilliant reflective colours.

If the original skilled craftsmen who first created glass balls saw our collection they would be quite impressed, as will you. Nothing sets off your garden décor like colourful and unique gazing balls. Once you have seen our collection you might decide to copy King Ludwig II of Bavaria and design your very own gazing ball garden.

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