Amber Glass Candle Holder


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This modern day art piece just happens to be an exceptionally good candle holder as well. The Amber Glass Candle Holder is made of handmade and hand blown Polish glass in rich shades of brown and amber. The unusual tilted shape of the top of the holder is created in a wide bowl shape that tapers down to a clear and very slender neck that is attached to the flat base. This item looks much like a very unique wineglass and when you add a candle and let it glow, the colors will stream through the amber glass to create a wonderful mood light perfect for romantic evenings or soft indoor lighting. Each of these items is a one of a kind piece that can be a great focal point of conversation whether you use it for indoor décor or for your outdoor lighting needs. Use as a candle holder or just a beautiful table top decoration. Hand made in Poland.

Construction/ Finish:  Glass.

Dimensions: H 16.00″ x W 7.00″


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