Art Nouveau Cup


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Gorgeously rounded waves of the adorable saucer catch the eye immediately, and then one sees the matching cup with a swoop of a handle. This hand painted set is created by artisan Caroline Bousquet, and each item is a one of a kind piece intended for both decoration and functional use. This hand painted cup and saucer is created out of richly colored and lead free pigments and fired to ensure a lasting color and glaze. The saucer offers the perfectly shaped shallow basin in which to set the cup for a sturdy display piece and practical kitchen item. Bold shades of dark yellow are accented by gleaming gold highlights that catch the light and soft blue splashes of color complete the look. These ecologically friendly pieces can be washed and reused in the kitchen yet are beautiful and striking enough to place on your sideboard. Each piece will have individual variations.

Cup: H 3.00″ x W 3.50″
Plate: L 7.50 x W 5.50

Construction/Finish: Hand-painted porcelaine.



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