Bird House White Floral

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Okay, you’ve carefully planned out your flower garden and it’s exquisite.  Now you need to add a touch of hominess to the garden.  How about considering this adorable hand painted floral bird house labelled, Bird House White Floral.  It’s like a cozy little summer cottage for your birds.  They will love it, and you and your guests will enjoy watching as your feathered friends raise a family in your garden.  The Bird House White Floral will blend right in with your multi-colored flowers and will give you hours of delight.  It is just the thing to complete the custom design of your flower garden.  This little Bird House White Floral would not only make a perfect addition to your garden, but would make a unique gift for your bird-loving friends.

Dimensions: H 9.25″ x W 6.25″ x D 4.75″

Construction/ Finish: Wood


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