Bird T-Totter


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A most vividly colored and unusual garden décor item, the Bird T-Totter Stake will wow your guests the first time they see this modern looking décor. Made of a durable and red finish metal, this stake features a single rod of dark metal topped with spring like rods that let the dual “birds” move freely with the slightest breeze. The birds are beautifully colored red metal figures that are lightweight and will bobble and move when the wind blows for a truly eye catching décor item. Add this to your garden beds for a splash of color or as a wind gauge. The lovely curving rods that hold the birds in place add an elegant balance to this delightful and functional piece of garden decoration. The birds are made of multiple panels of interlocking metal to give a hint of the wings, body and features of little birds.

Dimensions: H 59.00″ x W 14.00″

Construction/ Finish: Metal.



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