Butterfly Bell Mobile


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The delicate and lightweight Butterfly Bell Mobile is a great decoration and music maker for small spaces. Made of a thin but strong layer of metal material, this mobile features a clearly detailed butterfly outlined in a thin silver band. Inside the bands are multitudes of scrolled metal pieces that make up the design on the wings. The body houses the chain that runs down to a matching metal bell that will sound out when the wind blows and the top chain connects to the loop so you can hang this on doors, hooks, trees or anywhere else you like. Although the metal is light, it is also made for outdoor use and features a custom finish that will help keep your butterfly looking great for a long time. A triangle shaped bit of metal at the very bottom of the chain helps the chain bump the bell and create the sound that can soothe.

Dimensions: H 32.00″ x W 8.00″

Construction/ Finish: Metal.



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