Butterfly Sundial


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The low set Butterfly Sundial makes it the perfect item to set on the ground in a tiny garden nook or set atop a column for a clear view of this fun and ancient method of time keeping. This darling outdoor décor item features a slightly raised round disc that features heavily scrolled figures around the outer edge of the disc. Featuring three dimensional butterflies atop the sundial, this cast iron Butterfly Sundial is sturdy and can withstand the elements outdoors. The rich brown finish perfectly accents the clear and raised Roman numerals that help you actually tell time. The pretty butterfly that is attached at the center of the disc will cast a shadow to help you tell time, so be sure to set this sundial in a garden spot that gets full sun. The flat bottom of the Butterfly Sundial lets you place this little disc anywhere you have a flat surface in your garden.

Dimensions:H 3.00″ x W 11.50″

Construction/ Finish: Cast iron.



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