Calico Hummingbird Feeder – Blue


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The Calico Hummingbird Feeder – Blue is a remarkable shade of cobalt that instantly catches the eye, and as your eye travels up the delightful globe shaped feeder, it will be mesmerized by the mixes of bright colors at the top. The reds, yellows, greens and oranges melt together to create an interesting calico affect at the top of the globe and it emphasizes the deep blue of the bottom half of this feeder. The glass is translucent enough to trap sunlight for a glowing ball of beauty in your garden, and the intelligent design with a pre-formed hanging hook makes it easy to use as well. Hummingbirds will love the feeder attached at the bottom of the globe and your guests can gaze at your winged visitors while enjoying the feeder as well. The tube features an included cap that lets you stop and cap your feeder supply when needed. Each one is a beautiful and functional token of everlasting friendship. Handmade by Canadian artist Stephen Kitras.

Dimensions: D 6″ x H 6″

Construction/ Finish: Hand blown glass

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