Calico Hummingbird Feeder – Green


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If your outdoor area could use a little sprucing up, the Calico Hummingbird Feeder – Green is a fabulous addition that will bring splashes of color to your garden all year long. Hang this beautiful bulb shaped feeder in a tree or on a hook and watch the sun shine through the translucent glass. The main color of this feeder is a delicate jade green, and the calico ranges of mixed colors add a modern art air to this piece. This is a handmade and hand blown feeder, so each one is completely unique. The feeder is also very functional with a loop enclosed at the top for hanging and a removable feeding tube at the bottom. The iridescent surface will reflect light and create a conversation piece with your guests. Enjoy the multiple ranges of color that the sun’s light will enhance in new ways every day for an incredible decoration.

Dimensions: D 6″ x H 6″

Construction/ Finish: Hand blown glass

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