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Seeming to fairly exude peace and spirituality, the Cambodia Buddha is an astonishingly beautiful cast concrete statue in a dark brown finish that adds a touch of the ancient to this piece. The seated figure is depicted in the classic lotus seating position used by many monks and meditation followers. This statue features the traditional headgear worn by Cambodian monks and the deeply detailed concrete hat and robe make this a very high quality statue. The decorative chest jewelry and garments are rendered so you see every wrinkle in the robe and every bit of the jewelry in great detail. The face is peaceful and seems to be lost in deep thought and meditation. The statue can sit on a flat surface and will bring an aura of peace and gentleness to your outdoor garden area or you can use it for an indoor decoration as well. The quality materials ensure a lasting item.

Construction/ Finish: Concrete

H 11.00″ x W 8.00″



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