Cast Iron Ant

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For an ornament in your patio like nothing else you’ve ever seen, the Cast Iron Ant will bring gasps of surprise from those who see his black figure for the first time. The solid cast iron makes this a long lasting and very sturdy outdoor item that you can leave in the elements without worry, and the dark finish on the metal adds a nice touch of the natural to this piece. The six legs are perfectly balanced so you can set this little ant on any flat surface to enjoy the show. The ridges on the body create even more visual texture and the antennae at the top of the head add height and a fun three dimensional look to this ant. This little insect is just the right size to fit into any garden bed or path and he is heavy enough to stay in place even in strong winds.

Dimensions: H 2.50″ x W 6.00″ x L 5.50″

Construction/ Finish: Cast iron with a dark Brown finish.


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