Cast Iron Fairy

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Many people are fascinated with garden gnomes and create wonderful, imaginative gnome gardens.  Well, if your thing is more in line with fairies and angels, why not create a garden filled with them.  Mondus has a great collection of fairy and angel garden statues, and Cast Iron Fairy is only the beginning. This little Cast Iron Fairy is cute and petite.  Her dimensions are only 4 inches high, 5.50 inches wide and 3.50 inches deep.  Just the right size for an adorable Cast Iron Fairy!  She can sit almost anywhere in your garden; and because she is cast iron, she has enough weight, in spite of her tiny size, to sit securely wherever you place her.  Cast Iron Fairy can also be shipped anywhere in the world and makes a delightful gift for all of your gardening friends.  Who knows, your gift of Cast Iron Fairy might start a fairy garden trend.

Construction/ Finish: Cast iron with an antiqued brown finish,

Dimensions: H 4.00″ x W 5.50″ x D 3.50″


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