Ceramic Bird Fruit Spear


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The Ceramic Bird Fruit Spear is a unique way to feed your feathered garden friend and decorate your outdoor environment. This feeder can be hung from a tree branch or an awning by way of the large S hook at the top of the sculpture. The body of the piece is an oval, metal hoop, with a crossbar that inserts through the hoop horizontally. This bar allows you to spear pieces of fruit, such as halves of oranges and apples, which bird may then eat. An ornate ceramic know protects either side of the spear, and these pieces feature a delicate ribbing design. Atop the hoop, an ceramic sculpture of a small bird sits, to decorate the piece, and to entice birds to come and feed. The ceramic parts of the feeder have a verdigris patina, and the hoop and S hook feature a black finish.

Dimensions: H 6.00” x W 14.00”

Construction/ Finish: Metal and ceramic.



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