Ceramic Metal Gecko


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The lovely coloured speckles on the ceramic back of the Ceramic Metal Gecko mesh soft greens and ivory white to perfection. The metal outlines of the sassy little gecko are rendered in loving three-dimensional details. A flat belly lets you place this fellow on any surface, and the carefully rounded toes and long, curved tail adds even more stability. A perfectly formed and arrow shaped head balances the piece and brings out the metal figure in clear detail. The metal scrolls along the green and white ceramic back are created with symmetry and a surprising delicacy for such a sturdy outdoor piece. The metal will weather the outdoors well and over time will become even more colourful. The ceramic metal gecko offers the perfect example of lightweight décor and yet it is heavy enough to stay in place outdoors in all weathers.

Dimensions:H 27.00″ x W 14.00″

Construction/Finish: Metal.



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