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This is a very heavy item (900 lbs) and we currently ship only to the Ottawa area. Requires a 2 person delivery and is subject to restrictions as to access to the delivery point. We will contact you prior to delivery. Shipping time is approximately 3 weeks.

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The Crystal Fountain designed by Klaus Kinast is much more than just a water accent; it is also a true work of art and a unique on at that. This delightful fountain is set within a circle of rounded concrete blocks that form the basin for the water. The fountain itself is made of four differently sized concrete pillars and the water will trickle down from the largest to the smallest before spilling over into the basin. The included pump allows you to enjoy the sound and sight of trickling water and this lovely item is also very durable and weather resistant thanks to the durable concrete blend and the dark brown finish on the concrete. This large fountain will surely be the focal point of your outdoor areas and is one that you can enjoy for many years, making it a worthwhile investment. Create art and the serenity that only water sounds can bring.

Designed by Klaus Kinast. Suitable for outdoor use, made from proprietary blends of concrete and having unique weather resistant finishes applied. This line of concrete products is recognized for its exceptional quality of the castings and the finishes. Pump included.

Dimensions: H 54″ x W 48″ x D 48″

Weight: 900 lb (15 pieces)

Construction/ Finish: Concrete.

Shipping / Special order: Shipping to Ottawa only. Shipping time is approximately 3 weeks.


Care Instructions

Concrete Fountain Care Instructions: In cold climates all concrete outdoor statuary must be sealed. Sealing will protect the surface of the concrete from freezing and flaking, but will not keep a bowl or pond from cracking when frozen. ANY ITEM THAT HOLDS WATER MUST BE PROTECTED FROM FREEZING. Bowls and ponds can be inverted or covered and fountain pumps removed. By following these simple recommendations purchasers can easily and inexpensively protect their statuary from winter weather. Protection Instructions during Freezing Weather
  • Any piece that holds water (e.g., fountain and birdbath bowls) must be kept empty of water. There are several ways bowls can be kept dry. Birdbath bowls can be removed and placed inside. Larger bowls must be drained completely, left to dry several days and then covered to keep rain/snow out of the bowl. Large bowls may have both a drain plug that must be unscrewed and left open, and/or a rubber plug in the centre that should be removed (through which the pump cord passes.) The bowl (fountain) can then be covered with a tarp. Please note that condensation will form under plastic, wet the concrete and freeze. Therefore, all statuary must be water-sealed, even if covered.
  • Pumps in small fountains that are easily removed should be drained and placed inside during freezing weather. Pumps in large fountains should be drained (plastic hose unhooked and pump emptied of water) and then elevated to prevent any accidental water from touching it. Place the pump up on a brick, or something similar, to keep it dry during the winter (Remember to remove the brick when refilling the fountain in the spring.) Please note that running submersible pumps out of the water will destroy them.
Caution: when filling a fountain or birdbath with water, never add water that is hotter or colder than the concrete. If the concrete is cold, add cold water. If the concrete is hot (has been sitting in the hot sun or inside a warm area), add only warm water. Otherwise, the concrete can crack.
  • Prepare a proper base for your statuary. Because contact with the ground keeps statuary wet, fountains should be placed on a pad of concrete or brick to allow proper drainage and drying of the bottom of the piece. Otherwise, water will be "wicked" up from the ground into the concrete piece, even when there is no rain. Water-sealer liberally applied to the bottom of the piece also helps prevent this problem. Bench legs and bases of other pieces can be placed on stepping stones, crushed stone, gravel, brick, etc., to allow them to dry properly.

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