Fruit Spiral Spear


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This unique take on a bird feeder will add a pleasing aesthetic dimension to your outdoor environment. The Fruit Spiral Spear features a free hanging design that can be easily attached to a tree branch or an awning. The hanging hook links to a another strip of metal that is coiled into a small, cage-like design. Within this cages, you can but pieces of cut fruit, grain stick, or even suet, and the ample spacing on the coil allows for birds to access the treats inside. This design also helps to deter squirrels, as there are no obvious perches for them to hold on to and get into the bird feed. This piece also features a cute decorative bird emblem that hands from the lower loop of the Fruit Spiral Spear. The entire piece is made from sturdy metal and has a brown finish.

Dimensions: H 16.00” x W 3.50”

Construction/ Finish: Metal.



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