Golden Retriever Statue

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Calling all dog lovers! What yard or garden of a dog lover would be complete without small animal statues of adorable dogs? Golden Retriever Statue is one of those absolutely precious dog statues. Golden Retriever Statue is one of the small animal statues in the Mondus collection that is constructed of concrete. The exquisite life-like details have a brownstone finish. The dimensions are 14 inches high, 8 inches wide and 9 inches deep. Golden Retriever Statue will hold up well against the elements and bring a smile to your face for many years to come. It is sturdy enough to be positioned any place in your yard or garden, or moved at will to a surprise location.

Dimensions: H 14.00″ x W 8.00″ x D 9.00″

Construction/ Finish: Concrete with a brownstone finish.


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