Lion Door Knocker


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The lion door knocker has been used for centuries in castles, mansions and manor houses. And just like its name suggests, the lion door knocker has embraced the image of the king of the jungle. In addition, this knocker has a well-rounded beater which extends from either side of the lion’s mouth thus introducing a touch of sophistication and character to your home. For that reason, you are guaranteed that guests will always be impressed whenever they come visiting your home. The lion door knocker is made of cast iron and comes with a brown finish. In addition, the lion door knocker measures H 11” x W 5.50” x D 2”. With such breath-taking features, guests can always catch a glimpse of the door knocker from a distance thus increasing their hankering to tour your home.

Dimensions: H 11.00″ x W 5.50″ x D 2.00″

Construction/Finish: Cast iron with a brown finish


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