Magical Fairy Plaque


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At Mondus we specialize in the unique.  Our Magical Fairy Plaque is truly in a league of its own.  This plaque is so different that it has been difficult to put it into a category. The Magical Fairy Plaque can be used is so many different ways.  In the house, it can grace a wall or a flower pot.  Outdoors, you can let your creative imagination run wild and come up with all kinds of nooks where you can place our Magical Fairy Plaque.  Wherever you want a touch of the mythical, this plaque will fit right in. The Magical Fairy Plaque is made of resin, so it will hold up to the weather.  Its saying, “Life itself is the most magical fairy tale,” is a reminder that life can be as magical as we allow it to be.  The Magical Fairy Plaque can also make a wonderful gift for a treasured friend.

Construction/ Finish: Resin.

Dimensions: H 8.00″ x W 13.00″ x D 3.00″



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