Meditating Yoga Frog


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Serenity can be yours as you gaze at the relaxed and gentle Meditating Yoga Frog. This delightful and unusual statue features a concrete casted frog quietly sitting in peace as he meditates about life. His yoga posture adds a fun touch of statue design, and from the tips of his little froggy toes to the tops of his bulging eyes, you will find perfectly detailed touches that add a touch of realism. Hands formed into the classic yoga pose, you can enjoy the sensation of a thinking frog that lives in your patio or garden. This statue features a flat base so you can set him on the ground or any flat surface like a column. His rounded belly and softly outlined features make him appear to be relaxed and natural within his own body and he can add a touch of both humor and intellectual appeal to any outdoor area. Hand made in Canada.

Dimensions: H 9.00″ x W 12.00″

Construction/ Finish: Concrete.



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