Metal Star on Stand – Grey


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Deceptively simple, yet sophisticated in its mix of textures, colors and shapes, the Metal Star on Stand (Grey) is a wonderful example of functional folk art. This hand crafted piece is the creation of renowned Canadian artists Kim and Ian Grant, and is comprised entirely of recycled metals and materials left in their natural, weathered state. The rough, five pointed star is made of a thin and lightweight metal coated in a beautiful rust that adds depth, color and texture. Firmly attached to the grey stained wood and heavily ribbed stake, this star can be the focal point of any garden bed. In addition, this item allows you to personalize the decoration by leaving a center hole in the star where you can hang your own ornaments and decorations to give it your personal touch. Spray the metal with a clear lacquer to keep it from rusting further or let it alone to develop more rust colored hues over the years. Christmas ball not included.

Dimensions: H 20.00″ x W 12.00″

Construction/ Finish: Recycled metal and wood.



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