Mosaic Feeder

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Delicately colored stones are embedded in the Mosaic Feeder to bring the eye to the glistening and translucent pebbles. The cast concrete feeder is designed to rest on the ground, and it’s perfect for feeding birds or squirrels yet also decorative enough to be a welcome addition to any garden. The rounded shape and flat bottom of this feeder makes it safe to have around little ones and the colorful mix of pebbles adds a nice 3D décor affect. Shells round of the collection of natural items used in this feeder and the apparently random mix of colors forms a unique mosaic. The slight depression in the center of the concrete allows for a collection of foods for wild creatures yet it is shallow enough to prevent large amounts of water from collecting in the shallow basin. The slightly uneven edges give the look of natural stone and a bit of textural contrast to the smoother concrete top.

Dimensions: H 3.00″ x W 14.00″

Construction/Finish: Concrete.



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