Mother Nature Sundial

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The rippling effect created in the resin material used for the Mother Nature Sundial will create gasps of astonishment when your guests see this timekeeping item. Made for actual use as well as for its decorating value, this lovely sundial takes its own path on this old fashioned timekeeping method. Made of bonded resin and actual bronze, this sundial depicts a beautiful nature scene that appears to be of rippling water. Around the outer edges of the dial are the Roman numerals that can help you tell time as the tree branch center casts its shadows. The flat bottom of the Mother Nature Sundial lets you rest this on any flat surface for a long lasting clock and décor item. The metallic touches on the branch, numerals and carved figures reflect the sun for a shining display and the perfectly aligned “hand” and numerals let you actually keep time with a remarkable degree of accuracy.

Dimensions: 12″ dia.

Construction/Finish: This sundial is hand cast in bonded marble resin with real cold cast bronze.



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