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If you have been looking for a sleek, contemporary candle holder, look no further.  The Nickel Lantern offered by Mondus is as no-frills as they come.  No-frills does not mean plain however.  This Nickel Lantern is well-made and elegant.  Whether your taste runs to neutrals or bright colours, the Nickel Lantern will fit right in. Plus, you have a wonderful choice of a large lantern (about 15 inches tall) or a small lantern (about 11 inches tall).  You might even wish to mix the sizes for a collection look. The Nickel Lantern can be used either indoors or out.  You can also mix and match different colour schemes and fabric choices with this lantern.  The large lantern is priced at $45 Canadian dollars, while the small lantern can be bought for $35 Canadian dollars.  So pick up a Nickel Lantern or two now.

Available in 2 sizes:

Small: H 10.50” x W 6.00”
Large: H 14.75” x W 6.00”

Construction/ Finish: nickel.



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