Osaka Japanese Lantern


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Stone lanterns were developed in 16th century Japan as a method of lighting garden paths leading to tearooms. Traditional tea ceremonies were often held in the evening. Guests would be expected to attain a certain level of mental refinement before reaching the tearooms, aided by strolling through a peaceful inner garden. Every element of the tea ceremony was designed to discourage distraction and promote inner harmony and various forms of lantern evolved. Designed by Klaus Kinast. Suitable for outdoor use, made from proprietary blends of concrete and having unique weather resistant finishes applied. This line of concrete products is recognized for its exceptional quality of the castings and the finishes.

Dimensions: H 16″ x W 8″ x D 8″

Weight: 19 lb (3 pieces)

Construction/ Finish: Concrete with an ancient stone finish (stained with multiple colours to produce a weathered stone effect – dark brown)

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