Rappa Nui


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Located over 3500 km (2700 miles) off the coast of Chile, Easter Island boasts the world’s largest collection of megaliths. These giant statues range in height from 3 to 10m (10 – 33 feet) and were constructed over 18 centuries ago. All of the statues face westward and their significance is still a subject of debate. Some say they represent lost kings, and that one was constructed for every king. Others say they are to scare away invaders. They were carved from volcanic rock from Rano Raraku. The real mystery is how they were transported to where they now stand. Weighing as much as 27 metric tons (50,000lbs), the mystery is as great as the construction of the pyramids.

Dimensions: H 10.00″

Construction/ Finish: Concrete with a western slate finish.



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