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This silver Titanium Container resembles a half bucket. You will love the handles on the side that allow for easy moving. If you are a no frills person, Titanium Container is just the right planter for all of your outdoor patio and deck plants. It is more interesting than terra cotta pots, more durable than resin planters and yet plain and serviceable. Titanium Container measures 4.50 inches tall and 10 inches wide. As with all of the Mondus collection of planters, it is offered at a very reasonable price so why not stock up? If you are an avid gardener you know that you can never have enough planters on hand. When it comes time to transplant or grow a starter plant for your garden, you will be so glad that you purchased several serviceable planters like Titanium Container in advance. You will be so happy with the handles on this planter. They have wooden roller grips for comfort.

Dimensions: H 4.50″ x W 10.00″

Construction/Finish: Titanium.


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