Turquoise Metallic Gazing Ball

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This is perhaps one of the leading approaches to adding life to a garden. Just as its name suggests, Turquoise Metallic Gazing Ball is a gazing globe with a delicate turquoise finish. It has an elegant metallic 3-legged stand that is sold separately to keep the ball in position. While the stand is pure metal in construction and finish, the globe itself is made of pure glass and finished in colored glossy glass. Its turquoise color is ideal as it matches the color of your swimming pool and the blue sky. It is therefore ideal for restaurants gardens and theme parks just as it is functional for a home garden. Let your friends and visitors admire its outstanding yet unending beauty. You do not have to worry about its shelf because its construction is meant for durability. The ball measures 10 inches in diameter. Metal stand sold separately.

Dimensions: 10.00″ diam.

Construction/Finish:  glass



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