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The White Head Turned Crane has been a symbol of mystery to cultures around the world for centuries, and you can add a touch of the otherworldly when you add this figure to your outdoor areas. The metal materials are colored in a delicate white finish that accents the individual feathers all over his body, and the head curves beautifully back toward the body for an interesting design that offers visual appeal as well as stability and balance for this free standing piece. The head is made of darker, brushed metal and the beak features the classic orange and red colors found on these birds. Long slender legs slope down to the knobby knees and the feet offer stability so you can set this décor item on a flat surface. The feathers are carefully crafted out of metal and are rounded at the ends for safety as well as to enhance the beauty of this item. This garden item arrives in 2 pieces with easy assembly.

Dimensions: 20” D X 13” W X 52” T

Construction/ Finish: Metal.


Care Instructions

When outside or expose to water, metal garden accessories  may rust. We recommend that you bring them inside the winter. To slow down the process, you can protect these garden accessories with a clear coat of Varathane. You can also buy Tremclad Clear (in a spray can). TREMCLAD Rust Paint provides superior rust inhibition, and is specially formulated to penetrate rust and bind to metal.

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