Wicker Bird House

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Here’s a novel wicker bird house.  Its shape is like a bee hive.  Because it is made with wicker, it will appeal to your fine feathered friends.  Best of all, it is constructed to blend into any environment and sturdily built to last for years before you need to replace it.  The cost is only $29 Canadian dollars, which is extremely reasonable for the quality of this wicker bird house.  Once you hang this in a safe, sheltered place in your yard, you need only to sit back and enjoy watching as a mother bird starts to build her nest.  Come Spring, you can enjoy many hours of watching your little bird family grow. This wicker bird house is only one in a long line of rustic and decorative bird houses that Mondus has to offer.  Check out our complete collection and start planning the décor of your garden.

Dimensions: H 10.00″ x W 9.00″

Construction/ Finish: Wicker



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