Wooden Penguin



This Holiday Season show your artistic and loving nature by adding a Wooden Penguin statue to your house exteriors and home door entrance.   The fact that it is handmade makes it an exciting addition to your garden holiday decor. Made with careful design, the wooden penguin carving is appealing as it resembles the real animal. The construction and finish comes from durable cedar wood, which has been obtained locally. Each of the delightful items is unique and crafted differently. While there are no two wooden penguins that measure the same, a typical carving measures 22 inches in height, 8 inches in width and 8 inches in length. It comes complete with the characteristic black and white colors that the natural penguin has. There is a colorful pick ornament that resembles a bow-tie on its torso. This wooden penguin is a unique gift idea for lovers of nature.

Hand made in Canada. Created with a local cedar tree. Each cut is unique and crafted to the artist eye, and therefore no two items are exact in all measurements.

Construction/ Finish: cedar wood

Dimensions: H 22.00″ x W 8.00″ x D 8.00″



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