Wooden Teddy Bear


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Who said that teddy bears have to be confined to living rooms and bedrooms? Add holiday spirit to your yard or home’s interior this season with our Wooden Teddy Bear. Let children and adults from all ages have fun as they admire the elegantly-sized Wooden Teddy Bear in your garden. This is obviously a handmade teddy bear that resembles your typical home-based child’s plaything. Having been designed and made in Canada, it has the typical parts –head, limbs, torso and abdomen, all made of wood.  No two teddies measure exactly the same. However, a typical item measures 16 inches in height, 12 inches in width and inches in length. It increases the level of merry in your outdoor spaces.

Hand made in Canada. Created with a local cedar tree. Each cut is unique and crafted to the artist eye, and therefore no two items are exact in all measurements.

Construction/ Finish: cedar wood

Dimensions: H 16.00″ x W 12.00″ x D 9.00″



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